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For all the one thousand times I've been asked what's most important to me, I've answered "my peace of mind" as many times. Without fail. Always my peace.

However in the past few weeks, I've really struggled with crystallizing this concept to my reality. There have been uninvited changes in circumstance that have left me feeling a cocktail of emotions. Anger, bitterness, insecurity, a bit of hate, disdain, self-pity, and a good dose of distrust. 

With humankind's seemingly insatiable taste for conflict, no matter how peaceful you are as an individual, you cannot avoid dem nasties. 

Sometimes regardless of who they are to you, you've got to downright eliminate these toxic people and relationships from your life. Anyone who threatens your mental or worse, your physical well being HAS GOT TO GO! 
It's not malice. It's self preservation. 
Peace is beyond important. I can't over stress it. When we cry, the spiritually conscious ones among us offer up fervent prayers, meditate and say affirmations. Yet, in all honesty, we still cry. 

Prayers are great actually! "Pray without ceasing" is the instruction from my Holy Book even. But while we pray, can we also do?

So...focus shift. 

How about being uncharacteristically kind to the next person you meet right after reading this? That's my plan anyway...for the next...well..till whenever. 
I genuinely think being EXTRA kind has the potential power to lift you out of a cloud of inner chaos. It's just a thought. But a valid one methinks.  

And hey, even if you don't necessarily step into deep content afterwards, you can smile having known you've satisfied the need for a near-extinct aspect of humanity. Fact is, your immediate environment and the world at large can do with a sh*tload of kindness right about now. 

Would love to hear your thoughts. 




Feel free to ignore my cheesy post titles.

Can we just appreciate this nicely styled and cute couple dressed in tones of teal?



We can't all be tall, dark, handsome and confident.

But he is.



Snooped online and found out these outfits were made by a Nigerian label called Yoms Collection. Find them on Instagram, and this is not a sponsored post. Just info.

Cheers ma dears.



Met this lovely Ugandan designer at AFWN.

She's Anita Beryl of "beryl quoture".

Find her at Tirupati Mall in Uganda.




The slogan beside him is completely independent.

"Naija born, World class cool" is used by the designers of KEEXS shoes but I dare say this Nigerian designer (@Fourteen07Styl) who I've had my good eye on for a while now, can run an easy parallel with the words.

He does justice to his brand.


At the Mente de Moda event, I didn't intend to buy any nibbles or drinks. I had a robust plate of iyan and okra soup waiting for me at home really, so I'd pre-decided to keep the tummy empty.

That was until this lovely lady walked up to me and asked in the most endearing manner, if we would like to buy some drinks from her Tiki bar. She sweetly explained the ingredients used and how the drinks infuse into each other to create exotic tastes.

Now listen, I bought a drink. How could I not?
Her approach was refreshing and a far cry from the sometimes overly apathetic way vendors at these fairs tend to act toward potential customers. 

This lady knows a thing or two about effective marketing, because in the short time I was at her stall, she gave off the same vibe to others because they flocked. And  happily bought. And happily drank. Everybody wins.

I chose palm wine. Yup. It's been a while.

And while she served it, I took a photo. 



Researched the literal translation of Mente de Moda, and I got nothing.

So I decided to break it down and in Spanish, Mente means mind and Moda means fashion. Therefore, mind of fashion?

Lately, the local and international press have caused my mind to be on anything BUT fashion. It appears to be a continuous loop of one depressing bit of breaking news after another.

I think it's okay to have one's mind on fashion, even if your heart is in weightier places.

Spent the evening at this month's Mente de Moda in Lekki. There was beauty everywhere.



The edge is geometric and boyish and it works well because it's not fussed nor is it pretentious.

We like it.


Elegantly tribal with a hint of Chanel.

As seen at Africa Fashion Week.