Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




Since I moved back from Scotland, I've been having this love/hate relationship with dodo (fried plantain; a common Nigerian cuisine).

It's love because I can eat it. All day. Every day.

It's hate because it's given me love handles, I literally have 3 waists now...sigh...

Well, I found BARAZAHI, a spa/gym/salon place in Lekki Phase One; where I do Zumba and dance classes in a bid to rid me off my Michelin Man fleshy bits.

So last Saturday morning, this Stylista breezed in; she'd like to join the dance class, but she's thinking, so she came a'watching for a few minutes.

As she left, I chased after her with my Canon, only to find I'd taken out the SD card and left it at home. Yes. Smart.

But her style...those pants she told me she got from Senegal? C' was worth whipping out the iPhone; hence the not-so-great picture quality. 

However. Enjoy :)

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