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'Todun. Pronounced toh-doon and is a Yoruba name suffix which translates to "that which is sweet".

That's her name.

I'd had a particularly stressful day at work. 
Side-note:Yes I work. My canon and it's photos don't pay the bills...or at least not yet ;) 

So anyway, after this particularly tasking day, and the ubiquitous Lagos traffic and attendant crazy driving I experienced on the way home, as the car turned into the road to mi casa, I spotted 'Todun. 

You had to be there to appreciate her regal gait. And then, as street style junkies do, I jumped out of the car and got click happy.

But at least you didn't have to be there to appreciate her black radiance. I've always loved this beautiful shiny shade of ebony, way before the world developed Lupita-mania.

So...the dress..she says her good friend in Ilorin made it for her. Pretty cool, no?

Was nice to meet you 'Todun.

And 'Todun's friend, if ever you're in Lagos... 


  1. I love her skin tone too. Cute dress. I want it for the beach.

    1. The beach...yeah if you're the type that lays pretty and soaks in the sights and sounds.

      Me? I soak up the water so I can't do maxi on the beach 😊

  2. Wow! Black cutie. I love this blog

  3. Nice dress. I would have worn white sandals or maybe yellow. But she looks cool all the same.

  4. Beautiful lady, beautiful dress, beautiful everything! 😍 Btw, I am 'The' Todun's friend that made the dressπŸ˜‰

    1. Well hello there!

      Thanks for visiting the blog. We need to talk about that dress and how Lagos ladies can benefit fr your gift ;)

  5. love the dress. love the pretty lady more tho

  6. Many thanks... I just might wear this dress all day everyday :D
    Love the blog!

  7. Those earrings though...