Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria



Let Heaven And Nature Sing...

'Tis the Season of peace, love and goodwill to all men (and women obviously).

Caught this Christmas style delight in Lekki. I love when people unapologetically immerse themselves in tides, seasons, cultures and in life.



From my LFDW archives.

I tried hard to swivel around so I could get this fabulous man's full photo. Should have asked. Should have.

I still think it's worth showcasing. Even from behind, the lad looks the very business!

Little wonder we peep a "smizing" YAGAZIE.

Enjoy :)


Street photography is not daunting when your focus is on the landscape or generic culture. When you're photographing people, boldness has got to be incorporated into your five-a-day, limitless doses of Vitamin bold.

Off guard photos are the best. For obvious reasons. However, walking up to someone to ask, well this can cough up a few surprise responses. 


The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit never has and never will be lacking in Lagos.

I had this photo in my archives from the Lagos Fashion & Design Week and while browsing blogs here and there, I realized she owns her own fashion label. 

 The WANA SAMBO website gives a nice narrative about her vision and inspiration, which started in her teens. You should check out her story. And her clothing line too.

Her style was charming and I got a few other photos but this works best with the ethos of the post title.

Enjoy :)



She was at Grey Velvet Fashion Retail attending the launch of KAMOKINI, a Nigerian-owned swimsuit line (which is several kinds of sensual by the way, and worth owning).

So this is Ebele.

Happy, fun and infectious being. Her nail polish. Enough said.




It was a photographer, in a photograph, taking a photograph of someone photographing someone else.


 There's a 'Todun resemblance. Remember her? On the bog HERE?

And let's love how her expression changes once she realizes she's the subject of my camera's attention :)

Smokin' Hot!

It's the best way to describe the weather Lagos had all of last weekend.

And my lady here did not let the weather upstage her :)



The One I Recognize

Because I've seen her in a few movies.

But that wasn't why I asked to take her photo. I asked because she looked absolutely DI.VINE.

She was being carted off to do some press for a movie but graciously allowed me a face shot before she left; but not before she apologized for not being able to hang around any longer.

Pity I couldn't get the full maxi taffeta-like skirt she had on but I think her grace and her face are completion personified.

Lovely lady inside and out and she's one I actually recognize. Dakore Akande.



Over a month ago now, I took this photo of this lovely lady in this lovely dress. 

And then yesterday I was on the BELLA NAIJA site and saw the dress and other pieces featured as Ayo Van Elmar's "gods and dolls" Spring/Summer 2014/2015 Collection


"The designer describes the collection as the love a man has for a woman whom he tries to grasp"... and if you read on, there are some other rather erm... deep insights into the inspiration behind the collection.

I had no knowledge of the dress or its maker a few weeks ago when I took the photo, but now, I know.

Everyday, iLearn :)



She had three kids in tow and more so, they were just out of CHOCOLAT ROYAL and therefore rather excitable.


Wait a minute!

I cannot believe I'm just noticing these photos in my folder. Did I witness a proposal and in the wild gallivanting of living, I somehow managed to forget this moment?

Blogging about style on the streets of Lagos, I relegated this? A potential big beginning of many other big and little beginnings? A leaning forward of next ventures? The things that matter really.

I recall clicking away and wondering if it was the real deal or not.

It was at the Lagos Fashion & Design Week...maybe not the most romantic scene for some, hence my skepticism.

But what if she lives, breathes and eats fashion? What if fashion is who she is and what she represents? What if that was her perfect moment, being surrounded by her favorite designers and their designs?

Then brother man got it right. And that's what matters really.   


Ethnic vs. Casual Friday

Friday is dress down day...pretty much worldwide (I'm guessing).

Back in Scotland, it was jeans and sweater day, or in warmer climes, jeans and a tee.

Here in Lagos, I'm still inclined to do the jeans and a tee but I'm all about the interpretation to Ethnic Friday. It's the day when men and women come out to the office in what we call "trad" i.e. traditional Nigerian attire.And it's beautiful. Absolutely so!

I'm about to switch mode. I mean, it's hard not to be style-inspired by this sort of loveliness...


The Lekki Conservation Center Got Me...

First view of the offices as you drive in.
I love to travel. Or I used to.

I'd happily jump on a plane, train, boat, submarine (Yes submarine! We did that in Barbados), car or bus. Now that life is busier, family is larger and travel stories are scarier, I have learned to adjust and seek my travel thrills anywhere from my back garden to the beach 10 minutes from home.

So last Monday, we did a random detour to the LEKKI CONSERVATION CENTER



It was almost as if he was waiting for me. As if he knew I would take pictures of him.

It's not arrogance, I don't think. 


I started work about 4 days after I landed in Lagos. Within my first few weeks at the office, 4 of us (3 lovely ladies I work with and I) started to somehow show up at work in the same colors or color scheme. 
I didn't understand it, I still don't, but it's cute and fun. And we have a good laugh about it.

Not sure if this fab four pre-agreed they would all gear up in black and white or if it just so happened. But it made for excellent street style photos.

So enjoy :)

I lost lovely lady number 4 along the way :(


Yes I like that word. 

No I didn't make it up.