Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




Street photography is not daunting when your focus is on the landscape or generic culture. When you're photographing people, boldness has got to be incorporated into your five-a-day, limitless doses of Vitamin bold.

Off guard photos are the best. For obvious reasons. However, walking up to someone to ask, well this can cough up a few surprise responses. 

I recall back when I did this in Scotland, I had this lovely lady ask me if my bottom-line was going to be a request for money, and if so she didn't have any. Sorry...what?! Well no ma'am. I'm a fully qualified lawyer in the oil and gas industry, thank you very much. The cheek!

This stylish gentleman here...he was nice :)



  1. I would be scared too to ask people to take their picture. But this guy's jacket is just too sharp. I love the outfit.

  2. This dude is fly! And he knows it. Ready to take him home to my Mama :)

  3. I saw this on your Instagram and I just had to see the full outfit. Like someone said, this is daring, but I like it. Men who make an effort to look good are so attractive to me.

  4. I do ask a lot - people may look standoffish but once you smile at them and tell them what you want, they are usually accomodating..... *sigh* I really should sign up to instagram - a lot seems to be going on there....

    Now it looks like I am hooked on your blog and dont want to let go ........