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The Lekki Conservation Center Got Me...

First view of the offices as you drive in.
I love to travel. Or I used to.

I'd happily jump on a plane, train, boat, submarine (Yes submarine! We did that in Barbados), car or bus. Now that life is busier, family is larger and travel stories are scarier, I have learned to adjust and seek my travel thrills anywhere from my back garden to the beach 10 minutes from home.

So last Monday, we did a random detour to the LEKKI CONSERVATION CENTER

It was 4pm and they close to visitors at 5pm. Some kind of staff meeting was in progress, so we couldn't get a guide. Choices were: go ahead on our own OR come back another day when the guides would be free. 
We chose to brave it on our own. After 10minutes of Do's and Don'ts rolled out by a friendly guy, we were off.

Right outside the offices, peacocks and tortoises move about freely, like bosses. Loved it!

Just watch this guy crunch on his grassy meal. 

It was a 2km walk of this boardwalk and I was in heels since I just came from the office unplanned. Bad idea. Wear flats!

There were monkeys everywhere. They're cute and they love to stare.

I was told I could feel free to climb the tree house. No darling, not for me. 
But I imagine it'll be all the rage for the average adrenalin junkie.

Not sure what this steel structure was doing in the middle of it all. 

Wheelbarrows popped up all over the boardwalk. It's either there's some renovation/construction work going on or someone thought they would provide some aesthetic distraction from all the green.

There are chill out spots like this scattered around if you wanted to have a chat or picnic.

What did I think of it generally? The gate fees are modest (N1000 for adults and N200 for kids under 12), the staff we met were nice, it was a good time out and there was lots of unadulterated nature all around. It was hot and humid though! Do not go in anything other than a tank top. Consider yourself duly warned. Visit if you get the chance.

And enjoy :)


  1. Oh my God I love this blog. I want to go to the conservation centre but the website doesn't give pictures of what to expect. This is fantastic. Keep it up.

  2. You're right about the heat. that was the spoiler. other than that, it was really lovely and you forget you're in Lagos.

  3. Lovely photos as always, You just manage to make me dream about holidays for a minute. the catamaran cruises in Barbados are Awesome. dreams.....