Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




Wait a minute!

I cannot believe I'm just noticing these photos in my folder. Did I witness a proposal and in the wild gallivanting of living, I somehow managed to forget this moment?

Blogging about style on the streets of Lagos, I relegated this? A potential big beginning of many other big and little beginnings? A leaning forward of next ventures? The things that matter really.

I recall clicking away and wondering if it was the real deal or not.

It was at the Lagos Fashion & Design Week...maybe not the most romantic scene for some, hence my skepticism.

But what if she lives, breathes and eats fashion? What if fashion is who she is and what she represents? What if that was her perfect moment, being surrounded by her favorite designers and their designs?

Then brother man got it right. And that's what matters really.   


  1. This is too cute. Oh please tell me it was really a proposal. I'm a sucker for all things lovey dovey.