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Big Ideas...Bigger Smiles

I had big ideas of how I was going to wade through all the incompetency I'd heard service people in Lagos dish at you.

I would maintain my center and remain pleasant. Ah! It has been that little bit difficult. There have been a few experiences at salons, restaurants and supermarkets, where I discovered my temperament has some surprising layers and epi-layers.

Benny here, she had a hair stylist do uninspiring things to her hair, and said stylist went on to collect a size-able payment for "services" rendered. I mean, if you're one of those who treats your customers poorly, why? Why? Seriously. Why?

I still love my Lagos though. Things will get better: No distraction from my optimism.

Plus ain't no salon who can make Benny look un-fly. Hair still beautifully retro-urban; ethnic jacket looking the business and smile to knock any moody socks off!

Enjoy :) 

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  1. She's just gorgeous. Is she Igbo? Omalicha :)