Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria



Short(s) Story

What a dark week it was that just passed.

All these things happening locally and beyond, it drains the soul. Why so much killing? Why would anyone decide it's okay to unlawfully take another person's life? I say "unlawfully" because YES, there is lawful killing...such as execution of convicted criminals. Not that, THAT in itself is something for the birds to sing about.

I want a sunny side up. I want to be optimistic. I desperately want to catch good vibes from this walk called life. But it's so hard when you flip from CNN to SKY to AIT and the darkness is all there in your face.

My consolation is this. 

I can brighten my own corner, I can shed a light that honors what is just. A light that's as if I'm on fire within, but the fire is directed towards creativity, an exercise of uniqueness and the spread of happy dust.

This may seem like a grand role to play but nothing is simpler. And that's my short story.

But here's my style subject...embracing joyous energy...and her very own shorts story... 

Enjoy :)


  1. She's so cute. Nice combination.

  2. I like the look.

  3. oh yeahhhhhh can you sent me the shoes