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With all the buzz going on about the postponement of the Nigerian elections, the subject of celebrating St. Valentine's Day is everywhere. 

A school of thought opines that Valentine's Day is "too commercial". Now can I just say that is the greatest tonne of bull-duty I've heard in a while?

I have a question...

How is it that everyone is happy to take a special day out to celebrate Mum, Dad, I mean we have Children's Day, Workers' Day and all kinds of Days... and no one gets sensitive? We all gush about the person to be celebrated and go ahead to buy cards and roses for Mum on Mothers' Day or a nice watch for Dad on Fathers' Day, or take the kids out for a special treat on May 27.

BUT when it comes to February 14, people tend to get all hot and bothered. The statement most bandied about is "I don't celebrate Val's Day, I believe in celebrating love everyday."

OH PUH-LEASE! Being a selective iconoclast won't cut it. Just go out there and get that person of romantic interest, a little pressie and a little reminder he/she is special. It's okay. Cool even.

And. Now. Rant. Over.

I can breathe.

This neat couple brought out the love preacher in me.

Enjoy :) 


  1. fine couple and they know they're fine

  2. I love Valentine's Day too and I am with you on celebrating it because we celebrate a lot of other things.
    This is a fine couple