Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




I would love nothing more than to be able to share heartwarming stories of people whose photographs I take.

Sort of like the Humans Of New York. What Brandon does on that site is just...beautiful. The short narratives of perseverance, self-acceptance, obsession, achievement, sensitivity, regret, elation etc. have brought about fiery emotions from his readers. I smile, gasp, get very bothered indeed and sometimes laugh out loud when I browse through the stories he collects. His work affects. 

Little wonder he's being exponentially imitated worldwide. I thought about joining the movement. I thought about it for a while...but aside from the fact that there's now a Humans of Lagos site (which is great and you should please go have a look-see), I also am not entirely convinced I would be able to extract people's stories the way Brandon does. I mean, how do you get a complete stranger to tell you their deepest and darkest stories? Or share their happiest and most private moments? Sincerely, I haven't got even half of a clue.
SO...I'll do what I know I can and take pictures of people whose style inspires me to lift my camera and shoot.

Like this bundle of elegance. 
Cheers :) 


  1. Your writing style is really good and I like the look of this woman.

  2. She's fierce. Love her everything

  3. So cool with her retro glasses

  4. Isnt she just lovely and graceful? I love it when women understand their bodies and wear what suits, rather than try to follow whatever is in vogue.