Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




Such a lady, such a beauty; but please do not mistake her for being only this.

I have an unrepentant aversion to calculus or anything to do with academic science. Give me a computation more complex than 2+2, and you'll be sure to have me reaching for a calculator.

However I can read and analyze a 200-page legal document in the time it takes to let's say...boil an egg?

Which brings to mind that age-old trick question...
"if it takes 10 minutes to boil an egg, how long does it take to boil 25 eggs?" {I didn't care then, and I don't care now. Nobody boils 25 eggs.}

I've got Maths Anxiety. Clearly.

I'm therefore in awe of anyone I meet who excels in the Great Sciences.

In these photos, she's on her way to work. She's a Structural Engineer in the big bad world of oil and gas, and she's good at it and she loves it.

Enjoy :)


  1. This is a classic look. Everything is perfect. Kudos to smart women world wide. You didn't even do a post on international women's day.

  2. I love this beautiful outfit