Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




It's less than 2 weeks ago now that I returned from a fantastic short holiday in Johannesburg . 

For those who follow on Instagram, you would have noticed I featured some South Africans whose street style were eye-catching.

OK I had a great time, and I blog about style BUT it's impossible to ignore what's currently occurring in South Africa so dear, dear South Africans...I have a question for you...


I mean...I've heard xenophobia bandied about so much in the last few days but the very best definition I've seen is from Wikipedia. It's described as "the unreasoned fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange". 

Operative words here are "unreasoned" and "perceived". The fear is without reason and the object of fear is only feared on the basis of perception...not reality.

The trouble with xenophobia is that you do not {cannot} see the beauty in front of you, you allow nothing to shift your perception. People are different. Unique even. Cultures have their intricacies. Sometimes you meet a good person, sometimes a not so good one. But assess that person on the basis of his observed character, and not his race, ethnicity, economic status, religion, place of origin or skin color.

I had so much love for South Africa and South Africans when I visited. I recall telling my close friends that it's a place I will inevitably visit at least once more.  

Here in Nigeria, we're just recovering from the unguarded utterances of a public figure where he berated an entire tribe with threats if they dared to vote against his "ordained' state Governor.
The entire thing is emotionally draining.

But I see a couple like this one...styled in timeless simplicity...but more importantly so in tune with each other...ugh they were so cute to watch...there was an essence to them that made me wish and wonder...

Looking different doesn't translate to loving different, no?


  1. I absolutely love this!

  2. Beautiful people (In Chris Brown's voice)

  3. Their kids will be so beautiful and will have good hair genes for days. I love their laid back style

  4. The SA killings are just not right. How can they get away with this? I shed tears when I saw some of the atrocities happeneing. It's so unfair and so uncalled for. Why are we Africans our own enemies? It's so sad.

  5. Lovely couple. I've seen them before