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If you're African, living in Africa, odds are you may have worn a Vlisco piece or Vlisco inspired piece at least once in your life.

And if you haven't, here's what you're missing out on...

The Vlisco brand has been a big part of the African fashion heritage for over a century. There's a continuous creation, inspiration and connection with Africa's creative spirit and talent, built by a sustainable relationship with West and Central Africa.

You know those Woodin, Uniwax and GTP textile brands? They're part of the Vlisco Group. I only found out at the launch and I was suitably impressed.

With quality fabrics, promotion of African design and job creation (1,800 jobs in Africa alone), I'm perfectly okay to be associated with the Vlisco brand.

Wouldn't you be?

Titi, our lovely compere...draped in Vlisco. Of course :)


I got an invitation to the Vlisco store opening which happened last Saturday 18th July at the Ikeja City Mall here in Lagos.

It was well organised, well attended and well worth it; considering I had to catch a flight to Scotland on the same day and I was taking a bit of a risk of possibly being late to the airport. I mean...Lagos traffic dictates you MUST be on your way to the airport at least 4 hours before the start of check-in.
No exaggeration here.

Anyway, let's not discuss my aviation related anecdotes. 
Let's focus on Vlisco and street-style!
Because I got a good solid dose of both.

A follow-up post on Vlisco - as a brand is coming up shortly.

Enjoy :)



In our unrelenting chase for success, we forget to play.

Play with your days, and your nights. 
Play with color. 
Play with your wardrobe.
Play with your hair. 
Play with your loved ones. 
Play your way to inner fusion of joy and peace.




Was offline because the weather got to me. 

And I got ill.

I saw this lovely human beam at my church's car park.

My church is one of those where you can go from edgy to formal to casual to fancy. 
But you gotta keep it decent!

Enjoy and spread light today! 




If you're an avid reader of my little piece of internet real estate (and good on you for being one!), then you'd know I started this off after I attended the Lagos Fashion & Design Week late last 2014.

I'd just purchased these new lens and did very little manual reading or practice with the lens. I simply screwed them on to my Canon 1100D and hopped in the car.

SO....several of the shots I took at the Fashion Week amounted to naught. 
Blurry. Too dark. Too light. No focus. Too much focus. 
The opportunity for error was rife. 
This is what lack of zero preparation does to one.

In frustration, I salvaged a few I was somewhat satisfied with, and I blogged them. And in the middle of all of this, I left some out.

I've looked through them again, with renewed appreciation of some previously unnoticed photos. 
Like this one. 
She effortlessly makes a case for the glitzy-daytime-appropriate-dress.

Cheers :)


I'm not able to traipse around Lagos all day capturing street style, so I confess that I sometimes hold my pals hostage to my camera.

That's acceptable to you, no? :)