Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




Recently life has been a bit...unpredictable.

Before I moved back home, the life I lived in Scotland had the worst case unpredictability scenario possibly being your boiler bursting on you in the middle of a harsh winter (make no mistake, that situation can go from nerve-racking to critical in ten minutes). 
However if you had good insurance, all would inevitably be well.

Lagos is home. And by Jove I love being home. 


There are too many surprises (many times unpleasant) lurking around, waiting to make you lose your faith in humanity and sometimes your own sanity.

There's almost no escaping these factors. Irrespective of your strata in society:
Lagos CAN be a jungle.

If you're blessed to have a good support, or friends, or both, then life gets all that more bearable.

If these people are the kind that can make you laugh yourself silly and find enjoyment in the mundane, then consider yourself sorted.

I absentmindedly watched these three lovely ladies while conversing with my pal. Eventually I reached for my camera. 
Their consistent laughter was of the infectious variety. You couldn't help but smile along.
They ate, they laughed, they made serious faces for photos (cue social media lingo - #SelfieGameStrong), they checked out said photos and they laughed some more.

It was a delight.

Because happy is the new rich.


  1. They cute. They know they cute.

  2. Such a pretty bunch of girls. And I love that hair on the one wearing ankara. It's beyond gorgeous!

  3. Beauties. Loving the ankara outfit

  4. Pictures like this make me crave kinky twists even more!
    Love the lady in the purple and green ankara 2-piece


  5. People are simply sup[er stylish in that Lagos. Abuja we have to catch up. Lol