Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




I spotted her when she was parking her car and I waited. 
You see, sometimes, I can tell a stylish person from the way they drive.

My cousin Tosin who is more style infused than any other male I know, drives his car like it's a performing art.

My other cousin (name withheld for peace purposes) drives like a rebel without a cause, parks with reckless abandon and is generally a jaga-jaga driver.
Well...jaga-jaga is as jaga-jaga does.
His style is exactly that. Jaga-jaga.

On a whim, I just now googled the word and it's actually listed in the Urban Dictionary (Click HERE) as "a Nigerian slang for scattered or out of place".

This, she is not.

My prediction on the basis of her driving was spot on.

I should have been a psycologist.

Cheers :)


  1. Lord! She's gorgeous! Where do these beauties come from? This same Lagos?

  2. Cute outfit through and through. I love when ladies don't try too hard but still look stunning. Chanel bag for the win.