Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




Not today.

Maybe Monday. Or January.

Because with me, it appears living in some kind of disorganized harmony is my lot in life. 

When I take several photos at one event; why can't I be a dutiful blogger and set them out with some sensible structure for you guys?

I keep going back and forth, picking and choosing with neither rhyme nor reason. 

You know Scott Schuman? The brilliant force behind The SARTORIALIST? He's the one who opened my eyes to street fashion and its attendant photography opportunities. I bought my Canon because he uses a Canon. I gave a presentation at PechaKucha night in Aberdeen and made it known to the world (or my audience of about 150 actually) that #ScottMadeMeDoThis.
Visit his site and picture me getting there one day. The seemingly elusive "one day" when I will get properly organized and take this blog to "the next level".

For now, bear with me and be inspired by more street chic I photographed at the ShopMaju event I attended all those moons ago.