Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




I was having a very lazy Sunday yesterday. Just the way I like it. 
So much so that I almost forgot I was to attend this ShopMaju shopping party that had been circulating on social media.

Lagos coughs up all sorts of events. 
I've attended a "Fashion Cook-out", A "Painting Party" and now this. Nothing like these existed before I left 11 years ago and absolutely zilch of the sort in Scotland where I spent all those years. It's all eye-opening good fun.

Anyway, I attended. And I had an excellent time.

The number of stylish attendees were a pure delight for my Canon.
The creative director/owner/CEO of Shop Maju (her name is Maju by the way...points to anyone who cleverly guessed that) has such a genuinely accepting aura about her.
She personally handed us goodie bags and hugs. Now you must understand that at these events, things can and sometimes do get chaotic. So the personalized treatment is for me, worthy of mention. It left an impression.
The clothes were stunning and relatable.
Most importantly, the prices represented total value for money.

Do you know how rare it is to find a good quality, style infused line with several items priced as low as NGN3,500?

How do they do it?

This is Ozinna, their pleasant and vibrant Brand Manager. Made us all feel at ease. I'm not gushing too much here, am I? And if I am, it's from a place of honesty.

Her skirt is one from their new collection, and yet another fabulously priced item.

Ozinna riddle me do you do it?!



  1. So pretty. I want that skirt!

  2. What a beauty. This Zinna babe is fine though. I always say it.

  3. Thank you soo much for coming...

  4. Hot! This outfit is so me. I couldn't make it to Maju's party because I had a family function. I still can't believe I missed it :(

  5. Ozinna is too hawt! Natural graces and a really sweet attitude. This shop maju is sounding like a good idea but their website has been down for so long