Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




I admit I'm one of those who spends a a bit of time photo surfing on Instagram.

I'm not quite nomophobic but I do have a tendency to reach for my phone to find out what the world is talking about in terms of food, fashion, travel, hair, child-friendly activities, medical breakthroughs, fitness et-ce-bleeping-tera
I am interested in everything, so I tend to go everywhere.

For this reason, just this past week, I bumped into the Instagram profiles of these three beauties I photographed separately.

From prescribing products for natural-hair enthusiasts to styling, these three seem to have gathered quite a following on the interwebs.

They are the new breed of the Lagos Entrepreneur. The ones who follow their school-taught discipline and keep a foot in the corporate world but will certainly cultivate their creative side into a thriving spinner.

Like minds. Like fashion.


  1. Lovely lovely lovely ladies! Now I want to get me a high slit top too.