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I've been bumping into this new Nigerian nail polish label called VANE.

The founder is part of the Lagos "in crowd" and as such, her fellow "inners" have ensured their social media feeds ubiquitously promote the polish. That's fantastic. 
Women empowering women and all that sweet jazz.

So I decided to check it out for myself. Because...just in case you hadn't noticed from previous posts, then I must shout a little louder...

I LOVE THE NIGERIAN BRAND! I was saying, I decided to check it out for myself. I've seen the PR quotes stating:

"The collection features a wide range of polishes, from shimmery to matte, a fun range of colours and comes in simple bottle, featuring a detailed cap...and the polishes are aimed at providing premium luxury nail lacquer with non-toxic ingredients and materials that enhance healthy nail growth in a perfectly packaged 15M bottle.

"Premium luxury nail lacquer" has disappointed me in recent times. Yes, I bought some "premium luxury" from Chanel and it was just about as watery as the tears I shed when I realized I'd just thrown away $30! I'm sure we all realize how many lasting books I could have downloaded on Kindle with that amount. I mean the rage is still raw!

Moving on... I bought some Vane polish at the StyleHQ party yesterday. 

And yes I'm a happy bunny. It retailed for N2,500 each (about $12...depending on our ever erratic foreign exchange market).

The thickness is just right and the range of colours are quite easy on the eye. The packaging is pretty decent too.

If I ever get some time to get a manicure, in between lawyering, wife-ing, mothering and blogging, then I'll post the results here or on Instagram.

I managed to mess about with my camera this morning and here is the result.

And of course I had to juxtapose the infamous Chanel nail polish which left me feeling unimpressed. Just so you know..we mean what we say around here.


  1. Nice. I like an honest review. I saw somewhere that the polish is really good and doesn't chip quickly. I want to see your own results.

  2. Vane has some really nice colors but I'm not sure about the price. It seems a bit high.