Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria



Gifts & THE GIFT.

It's been a pretty good year.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

I have THE GIFT. The one where you have a Rock of Ages, where you can hide yourself and be assured of solace and peace and love and a whole lot of et cetera.

I've got the best of kith and kin that life can offer, I mean what's it all mean without good people to share it all with?

Even though my industry is on crutches with the price of Brent crude currently sitting at around $36 per barrel and people are losing jobs in thousands, I have gainful employment that I actually enjoy (most of the time).

And then this year, I received lots of material gifts. There was Ferragamo, Dior, Swarovski, Tory Burch, Max Mara and Louis Vuitton, I got iPhones and watches and then...drumroll...I got a Nikon D7100!

Much love for all my gifts and our apparent consumerism that cannot be switched off, however the camera allows me to tell stories and freeze moments. You can argue that a smart phone can equally do that but any photog (amateur or professional), will tell you a camera is a camera IS a camera.

A little snapshot of some of my gifts.

I'm eternally grateful to THE GIFT.



Ordinarily, I'd have so many beautiful things to say about my style subject but I'm sorry, it's the Eve of Christmas and I'm wrapped up in gift-wrapping. Pun done.

She's just 2015 shades of gorgeous.

Cheers and a very Merry Christmas to you all! 



I love this theme. 

And why not?

Black is so very beautiful.


Like I've said previously, this outer layer is simply beautiful.


Her outfit is cute yes but her skin surface is simply beautiful.

I will always be drawn to this dark, black, silky epidermis on my brothers and sisters in the Continent.


The sheer of the outfit.

The beauty of the woman.

Both worth a second look.


It's oddly gratifying to see a man that seems to be breaking the mold and dressing just how he darn well pleases.

"The norm" says a manly man can't wear pink, nor floral. 
Who made flowers a gender-specific matter anyway?

I personally don't like flowers being presented to me, I simply don't know what to do with them. Like I always tell my friends, the only plants I want to be handed are the ones I can use in a salad or in edi-kang-ikong soup.

Flowers in a photo though, or on a card, or on an outfit? Yeah, I'm good.




At the Shop Maju party, this gentleman.



I seemed to be getting street style today in sets of two.

I know you don't mind.


In all my #BuyNigerian enthusiasm, I'm always on the prowl for opportunities to showcase what Nigeria has to offer and also to attend events where I can hopefully catch a few stylish people.

Today Shop Maju had another shopping party and THERE WAS NO STAND-STILL TRAFFIC, and so I went.

I couldn't stay too long, which means I got only a few photos (after a spot of shopping...naturally).

Here's Ozinna. She's previously featured on the blog here.

You see the thing about her?

I've met her at a number of events now, where she's in work mode in her capacity as a brand manager. I don't know her personally, and y'all know I don't do paid reviews so believe me when I say, this is one lovely lady with a pleasant head on her shoulders.

Is this supposed to be news-worthy? Perhaps not. But when you live in a city where you get treated "differently" by certain people, simply because they don't perceive you "belong", it's a feat when you meet someone like Ozinna. 

I won't turn this into a praise and worship session. 
She's just a very, very, cool specimen of our specie.
The End.

Hang on a minute! Not the end. 
I must also tell you about the people in charge of cocktails at the Maju Party.
They were absolutely not of the same philosophy as Ozinna. 
I asked nicely for a cocktail at about 4:30pm, it's now 9:56pm. I haven't been served. 
But that's okay, because I'm home now. 
One can only wait so long.

I'll stop now.

Too. Much. Talk.

Not. Enough. Pictures.

Cheers ma dears :)


How's the weekend going?

If you're Lagos based, the answer to that question should be something traffic related, accompanied by a genuinely disgruntled lamentation. 
What did we do to deserve this traffic? 
I mean a 15 minute journey took me 4 hours yesterday! I would have walked, except that's not even an option. 
Between the lack of viable side-walks, the okada riders (who seem convinced they have 9 lives and weave the roads as such), the bus drivers and the Keke Napeps, no thank you. Walking is not an option.


I love Lagos, still.

And I'm going to try to keep it cool. 



Beauty on the streets.


Even if the economy isn't doing great, it's still Christmas!

Which means we can cheer up with Christmas parties.

Check out my style subject taking work to party in her Christmas style.

Love it!



As you can see, I've spotted these shorts on two of my style subjects now.

I'm not doing a "Who" wore it better? No. NO. NO. To be honest, I cringe whenever I see that caption. Why the comparison? Especially when the responses are bound to get borderline discriminatory?

My "Who" is for "Who" makes these shorts? Could they possible be by a Nigerian label and therefore even more of an interest?

They do seem comfy and versatile.

So if you know "Who", please be a dah-ling and spill the beans.

Cheers :)



Words hardly spoken in present-day conversation nor seen in modern books.

Fetching being one of them. And I quite like the word.


I cannot begin to describe my love for Nike Art Gallery.

Fortunately for me, it's a hop and a skip from where I grind, I've therefore traipsed there for quite a few lunch breaks.

If you've not been, and you live in Lagos, please can you explain in not less than 250 words, exactly why you're being so obstinate?

I was there again, last Thursday.

And so was he. His ethnicity was so "right place, right time" sorta thing...and I asked where he got his tee shirt and he said it was in fact from the Gallery and I asked if I could get a photo or two and....


I can only speculate that these aren't prescription glasses.

But as long as you can see the world through them, then by all means let there be fun over function...grab a pair and embrace that face.

Cheers :)


I'm not trying to turn this blog into a forum for my political views. 

But can I take a quick moment to shout out a loud WHOOP! at my Saudi ladies who were finally given the right to vote and be voted for, just this weekend?

Wait. Do you understand this?

I am completely excited by this news. It's progressive. It's beautiful. It's about darn time!

Big grin. 

Okay I'll stop.

Let's get back to street style. This skirt speaks gorgeous volumes!





I was invited to the Iro Lagos garden party which held today.

Prior to moving back home, I'd seen this "knotted wrapper" iro and buba adaptation all over social media, at weddings and parties...and I couldn't wait to land myself one of them.

And then all of a sudden, I landed to find that people had seemingly moved on from this particular aesthetic. I couldn't lay my hands on any. I wasn't pleased.
I mean, it wasn't an earth shattering disappointment know...the heart wants what it wants..

And I'm now a proud owner of one of these.

Whilst admiring the models and contemplating which to but, I noticed the sign that said "take photo". 
I obeyed the instruction. 
As I do.

Cheers :)


It's simply nice to see a pretty girl looking like a pretty girl.


I attended two events today. And I am literally exhausted.

I observe with befuzzled admiration, the true "socialites" of Lagos. Those whose faces you see at pretty much every event, every weekend, looking every inch like a study in trend & do they do it? 
Not a rhetorical question. 
I would really like to know.

Here's a photo of this tribal beauty at the 2nd event I attended.

It was Mente De Moda.





This is color blocking done right.


If anyone were to whisper to my close friends or family that I was wanting a new dress, I would get a probably well deserved tirade on how my wardrobe is bursting at its seams. 

I'm trying to not be a hoarder. Isn't it okay to just have a very high appreciation for pretty things?

I saw her dress and Lord knows I was this close to chasing after her to ask where I could find it.

It's a very "me" sort of look; but common sense prevailed and I let it go.

Look at it. Just look at that dress!


No fuss, no moss.

Just a pleasantly classic 60's inspired shift dress.

And a beautiful head of hair.


You have no idea how far down I had to bend to get the full length of this leggy beauty.


But it's okay to be short, or as the PC people say "vertically challenged"...because the peddled mantra is that good things come in small packages.

Back to her. 

Gorgeous, no? 


So I was doing the school drop off this morning and we had to stop at the traffic light just atop Falomo Bridge...

In between considering whether to go ethnic or continental for our Christmas lunch, and planning the logistics of a day stuffed with meetings and the school nativity drama, my eye caught this inked message on the bridge.

I'm oh-so-sorry for the lack of clarity.

You see, I noticed it just as the light turned amber, so we were just on the go plus the photo was taken through the harmattan dust-laden windscreen. Perfect recipe for a blurry photo, I tell you.

So if you're unable to catch the message, it will be clearer on my Instagram page.
It goes thus:


Oh mannnn! Heartstrings pulled.

Maxa, are you out there? And did you forgive? 

Plus this guy in the leather coat is alright for street style eh? 


Simply Regal.


On my personal Instagram account, I have several goofy photos where I try out this candid, "unlooking" business.

It has a certain appeal.

Those sorts of photos translate better for artsy purposes, I think.

My style subject here was not even trying, she had the "unlooking" essence on technical but effortless lock down.


I've been for a few Christmas fairs and they've been beautifully chaotic.

Kids of all ages just love the idea and the whiff of Christmas and all it brings to their minds.

At these fairs, they're wild. And I watch with a cocktail of keen interest and bemusement. 
I mean, I don't particularly miss my childhood but I do envy children and their lack of inhibitions when it comes to holiday play.  

It was at one of these that I spotted her. 

And in the midst of where the wild things were, I happily photographed her.

Christmas plans going well everyone?