Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




In all my #BuyNigerian enthusiasm, I'm always on the prowl for opportunities to showcase what Nigeria has to offer and also to attend events where I can hopefully catch a few stylish people.

Today Shop Maju had another shopping party and THERE WAS NO STAND-STILL TRAFFIC, and so I went.

I couldn't stay too long, which means I got only a few photos (after a spot of shopping...naturally).

Here's Ozinna. She's previously featured on the blog here.

You see the thing about her?

I've met her at a number of events now, where she's in work mode in her capacity as a brand manager. I don't know her personally, and y'all know I don't do paid reviews so believe me when I say, this is one lovely lady with a pleasant head on her shoulders.

Is this supposed to be news-worthy? Perhaps not. But when you live in a city where you get treated "differently" by certain people, simply because they don't perceive you "belong", it's a feat when you meet someone like Ozinna. 

I won't turn this into a praise and worship session. 
She's just a very, very, cool specimen of our specie.
The End.

Hang on a minute! Not the end. 
I must also tell you about the people in charge of cocktails at the Maju Party.
They were absolutely not of the same philosophy as Ozinna. 
I asked nicely for a cocktail at about 4:30pm, it's now 9:56pm. I haven't been served. 
But that's okay, because I'm home now. 
One can only wait so long.

I'll stop now.

Too. Much. Talk.

Not. Enough. Pictures.

Cheers ma dears :)


  1. Haha! I love how you don't mince words. I'm the one who left you an email about New York. Please do get back. And this Ozinna lady must be really something, the way you go on. Nice pants on her.

  2. I love Zina. I don't know how I got to know about her but I am glad I did. One of the things I want in life is to live a life that is inspiring and that's what Zina is doing, Love her for it. I hope I get to meet her one day and work/learn from her one day... I will stop now. Have a great week LSS.


    merciiiiiii xxxxxxxx