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If anyone were to whisper to my close friends or family that I was wanting a new dress, I would get a probably well deserved tirade on how my wardrobe is bursting at its seams. 

I'm trying to not be a hoarder. Isn't it okay to just have a very high appreciation for pretty things?

I saw her dress and Lord knows I was this close to chasing after her to ask where I could find it.

It's a very "me" sort of look; but common sense prevailed and I let it go.

Look at it. Just look at that dress!


  1. Mehn you good with words. I was so anxious to see the dress, my network was a lil slow. Lol

  2. Lol I understand why you wanted to chase her. The dress is perfect to wear to work, to church, for a party, for dinner, and other places.
    It's really elegant

  3. Hey that's my friend. She showed at LFDW. It's her design. She's on IG as @wangerayu. :D

  4. My friend just sent me this. Thank you for liking the dress. I'd be happy to make you one. ��
    And I must say I am in-love with your blog. It's a refreshing approach to the subject of fashion as art and life.

    Wanger. Xx