I was invited to the Iro Lagos garden party which held today.

Prior to moving back home, I'd seen this "knotted wrapper" iro and buba adaptation all over social media, at weddings and parties...and I couldn't wait to land myself one of them.

And then all of a sudden, I landed to find that people had seemingly moved on from this particular aesthetic. I couldn't lay my hands on any. I wasn't pleased.
I mean, it wasn't an earth shattering disappointment but...you know...the heart wants what it wants..

And I'm now a proud owner of one of these.

Whilst admiring the models and contemplating which to but, I noticed the sign that said "take photo". 
I obeyed the instruction. 
As I do.

Cheers :)


  1. I like this style too but it doesn't suit my frame. I'm a size 20 and I'm not surprised they're using very slim models. They look good but I wont

    1. Funny enough they do I have one and I am a 20. Latashalagos is plus size too, what is ur email address?

  2. Iro Lagos slays! My girl has trendy and lasting pieces so I suggest you grab yours asap. Love you Mrs Afun