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This photo was from the first of my attendances at the Shop Maju shopping party.

She had no idea I was admiring the beejeez out of her well-put-together ensemble.

That neck piece caught different types of glow from the sun and she just glided along....all demure with her match-y nail polish/tee shirt game.


The end.


It's a white-out and it's fresh and I like it.




Adi Dassler founded ADIDAS...

His brother Rudolph Dassler founded PUMA.

I recall when I first read the story of the brothers who started off together but ended up in a better feud because they took opposing sides during the 2nd World War.

 Both visionaries in the area of qualitative sportswear. 
Bound by blood but separated by politics.
I'm talking sworn-enemies-complete-malice sorta situation.

Heartbreaking stuff. 
It's a story that should go to the silver screen really.

Anyway, the ADIDAS slogan will always be one of my favorite.  
Not that I'm taking sides, I mean after all the feud is (somewhat) over between both companies.

But yes. ADIDAS got my attention with their mantra.

I suspect it stemmed from Muhammad Ali when he said:

"Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing"
 "Impossible is Nothing".




In many of the contracts I've drafted and/or negotiated, there's typically something called a "Non-Waiver of Rights" clause.

It essentially says that my failure or delay to exercise my right, does not mean I waive that right.

This week, my friend and style subject has been a jolly great fellow, she's been through a fair number of situations that would easily have broken any spirit. But not hers.

She's constantly oozing happy vibes. It's fantastic and it's infectious.

However, you find that people with a disposition like hers, once they get the slightest bit withdrawn or even reflective, the questions start:

"What's wrong?"
"Are you okay?"
"Are you sure nothing is the matter?"
"Does it have something to do with...this person or...that subject?"


The same ish happens to me, and so I sometimes imagine myself giving a speech to my entire family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, staff, neighbors, vendors, bankers, shop-keepers, my doctor, my pharmacist, my cobbler and my hair stylist...I imagine myself taking time to explain to them all that just because I'm typically a vivacious person, does not mean I cannot have moments of melancholy.

And just because at the time something grave happened, I didn't exercise my right to withdraw into a shell, doesn't mean I've waived that right.

I still gotta be human, no?

Enjoy the weekend!


The rate at which I stumble upon horrid news involving the abuse of a house-keeper or nanny or other form of domestic help, is completely disheartening.

This is Nigeria. Africa even. 
A lot of people need jobs. A lot of homes need domestic help. 
I get it.

But why anyone would feel the need to use capital punishment and/or torture on a fellow human, just because they work for you, is a wonder. 
Tell me again about how you and your boss disagreed on a few issues at the office and he then got the boiling kettle and poured the contents all over you...Oh, that didn't happen...because there are rules, and if he did that he would be jailed.

If you're reading this and you maltreat your domestic help, then shame on you. And STOP!

Ugh! I keep trying to refrain from venting on this site or getting sucked into social commentary but hey, it's my real estate and if it positively impacts one person, just one....then I can only apologize to those who come here strictly for the photos. 

So here's a photo, of this striking woman, currently a house-keeper who takes excellent care of the home wherein she's been placed to assist.
When she makes mistakes, she is instantly verbally corrected, without the use of any derogatory language. 
She is well aware that if she ever commits any heinous offence(s), she will be quietly released from her employment and possibly face other legal consequences as may be would similarly apply to any employee in any establishment.
She is planning to open up her own catering firm when she's saved up enough from her current job, the family she's with is working with her to ensure she achieves her dream.
She gets treated really well and is pretty much considered a member of the family. 
She looks fresh and her head is held high.

Because the words "be kind to one another" are not just words to be used by Ellen DeGeneres at the end of her show.


FACE OFF..."I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave."

Possibly the lengthiest post subject I've ever had.

These photos are from what seems to be my unending archives from the Lagos Fashion & Design Week.

From the front, it seemed like this was just a pretty girl in the evergreen LBD (Little Black Dress to those who get miffed by the use of acronyms). And then she turned to go on her merry way, and what do you know? Pretty girl in the LBD metamorphosed into Sassy sista' in a flirty black number.

Hence the quote from John Travolta speaking as Nicholas Cage in Face Off, the movie. 

And hence the lengthy post subject.




I was going to post these photos a few days back, but something held me back.

I don't know what gave me the false sense of certainty that this shirt-dress was one of Adebayo Oke-Lawal's and I was actually going to report it as such. So snooping around Instagram today, I found out from Style Me Africa's page that it's from a Nigerian women's wear label called Amede Online.

Knowing is a good thing.



There's no rhyme or reason to the timing of when I take my photos versus when I post them on the blog.

I'm working on being methodical but Lord knows I will never be that keen bean that organizes her life in sensible ascending order and color coded task assignment etc etc.

So Folu Storms...I met her at the Style HQ Party...I blogged about it previously HERE
When I saw her, I thought she was recognizable but I couldn't quite place the face. 

Now after 3 months, social media has ensured I'm well aware of who she is. 
And I like what I know. 
Actor, Presenter, TV Host, Intellectual.
 Hard-worker, go-getter, earthy-beauty sort. 

Catch her on the radio on Smooth 98.1 FM.
Her music choices sound up a smooth enough storm.



I recall when my pet peeve was slogan tee shirts.

I used to mutter under my breath "who cares what you're thinking?
Blame me not. 
It was a time of teenage angst when it was cool to have passionate disdain for some aspect of everyday life, just so it looked like you weren't devoid of personality.

Anyway, now I see a slogan tee and can't rest, won't rest till I can read what it says.

The message here is clear in word and in deed:



I typically like to capture the face and expressions of my style subjects but when you get someone who isn't keen, you make an exception just because the style still ultimately has its own expression...


I caught this raw and candid.

I like it.

Cheers :)



I've been so tickled today by this video I've been seeing all over Instagram.

It stars a pretty young lady and she goes into a rap about different bad scenarios you could encounter and how at the end of the day, you should ask yourself "but did you die though?".

Humor yes, but wisdom too.

Essentially, bad as e bad reach, you're still here. Still alive. Still got another chance.

Happy New Year Y'all!