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In many of the contracts I've drafted and/or negotiated, there's typically something called a "Non-Waiver of Rights" clause.

It essentially says that my failure or delay to exercise my right, does not mean I waive that right.

This week, my friend and style subject has been a jolly great fellow, she's been through a fair number of situations that would easily have broken any spirit. But not hers.

She's constantly oozing happy vibes. It's fantastic and it's infectious.

However, you find that people with a disposition like hers, once they get the slightest bit withdrawn or even reflective, the questions start:

"What's wrong?"
"Are you okay?"
"Are you sure nothing is the matter?"
"Does it have something to do with...this person or...that subject?"


The same ish happens to me, and so I sometimes imagine myself giving a speech to my entire family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, staff, neighbors, vendors, bankers, shop-keepers, my doctor, my pharmacist, my cobbler and my hair stylist...I imagine myself taking time to explain to them all that just because I'm typically a vivacious person, does not mean I cannot have moments of melancholy.

And just because at the time something grave happened, I didn't exercise my right to withdraw into a shell, doesn't mean I've waived that right.

I still gotta be human, no?

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Lmao at this post. I can relate

  2. Lovely post and lovely dress

  3. Life they said is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. They choice is always ours.