St. Valentine's Day is here, therefore "red or dead".

The scamper for the red bit of clothing is on.
At work, we've been asked to please show up in a touch of red on Monday...yes, my work place is so cool, we're extending the Val vibe to the working week. 


Red it is on Monday. Ostensibly because it's the color of love.

While I rummage through my wardrobe in an attempt to find a red ensemble that's subtle enough not to make me look like a London double-decker bus, here's this co-ordinated couple I saw at a cook-out earlier today.

I saw no red, but I certainly saw love.


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  1. Awwww this is cute. I have 2 friends that sometimes match colours with their husbands but my husband will never let it happen.

    Happy Val's Day