Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




So last Sunday which also happened to be Mothers' Day (so a warm hug to all mums in any capacity out there!), I checked out the Africa Hype Market. 

I found it out through Instagram.
It was advertised as a periodic, pop-up open market that holds at Muri Okunola Park in Lagos.
Its focus is on helping to build brands of local SMEs. 
I was sold. 

Got there and what I met was this:

It's a family event as there were kid-themed activities which could leave Mom and Dad some decent shopping time.
There was some soothing live music and a DJ.
There was food (the holy grail of all Nigerian events really).
There was excellent family-friendly hydration from Limehouse Bars (my boys went ham on them!)
And there were vendors and stalls with pretty cool pretty things.
The vibe was generally easy breezy.

My attendance motive: Buy Nigerian and hunt for street style.

I did a bit of both.

I'll share my #BuyNigerian goodness in a later post. 

Cheers ma dears :)

Side note: If any of the Vendors is reading this, can I ask a favor? Can you endeavor to be a bit more interactive with the attendees at events like these? While I appreciate that striking up a conversation with absolute strangers may not be everyone's comfort zone, the thing're there to sell a product. People are more likely to buy a product from an engaging vendor than one who doesn't acknowledge their presence enough to say a little "Hi" with a little smile.

The End.


  1. I miss Lagos so much. Everything is so colorful and I'm so done with winter

  2. Love this so much. I will make sure I get out more. This would have been nice to attend.