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Let me tell you something:


Since I own this piece of internet real estate where I control my content, I have decided to give some time to worthy (and sometimes unsung) creatives who are viable beacons for the #BuyNigerian movement.

At an open market fair I attended recently, I walked around the stalls and my eye caught these comfy looking but stunning men's slippers (or sandals to my American friends). 

I struck up a conversation with the vendor, BRUNO ARTHUR and he told me they were a Nigerian brand. Nice. 
It was fully made in Nigeria. Even nicer.
The materials were sourced from the Nigerian market. I was sold.

The Hubs had to have a pair.

The real surprise was when he said the price was N5,000 (currently about $15). If you've tried to shop some Nigerian brands around Lagos, you'll appreciate my utter shock.

The thing is, we want to patronize you, we really do...but not at the cost of what we would get for 2, sometimes 3 of the same item if bought from lands far afield. 
I mean the other day, I saw a made-in-Nigeria decent but average looking pair of shorts in Lekki, priced at N32,000 (currently about $100).
Erm. NO.

For The Hubs birthday last August, one of my gifts to him was a pair of Louis Vuitton slippers. Even though I got them duty free from Heathrow, they still cost...well...quite a bit of dosh...but I was happy to spend that much because LV is a tested and trusted name who's operated since 1854 and will very quickly do almost any and every thing to protect the integrity of their brand.

The Nigerian "luxury" market on the other hand, haven't quite completely grasped the intricacies of brand integrity. If I buy your $100 shorts, you best believe it's not just about the sale. I expect a high level of service as well as after-sales care, where necessary. 
That should be the topic of another post. For sure.

So back to Bruno Arthur.

He didn't stock the right size for The Hubs (with his dear, dear size 45 feet) so Bruno promised to have them made and delivered in 3 days. 

He did. And they are cool. And the Hubs is suitably impressed. Wifey points upped!

Other than the quality of the item, another noteworthy aspect was the quality of service. This Bruno guy was the nicest, most attentive and most considerate dude throughout the process. 
Note to Bruno: You best stay this way even when you get all huge and famous!

Note to other unsung talents out there: 
This is my promise to you:

If I buy (yes buy! as I'm not out for any freebies here) your stuff and you meet an exceptional standard of a hybrid of a quality product, customer service consciousness and price viability, then I will sound the cymbals on every social media I got going. 
Only because you deserve it.

The social currency out there seems to be owned and spent by the same closed circle of a few names and faces in this town. 
Be qualitative. And I will "peacock" you to Nigeria and the world.

Cheers ma dears :)

On his way to a business trip, the slippers provided style and more importantly the comfort required for Lagos airport shenanigans.

He was wearing shorts and a tee. Essentially, the slippers can covert from dressy to casual in 60 seconds.


  1. Okay five thousand naira is a real bargain for those slippers. Any other colors?

  2. Love this post and I agree with everything you said about the tight social circle. It's almost like if you don't belong, then business can't move for you in Lagos. Thank you for sharing unsung business like this. The slippers look really nice especially for the price.

  3. Not bad at all.