Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




On Sunday, the Hubs and I went for some drive-by shooting at the opening of an upscale, highbrow, grab-it-if-you-can-dare-to-afford-it store in Lekki Phase 1, where I bumped into these two creatives.

NikkiAndTees. She's a model who I first spotted at last year's Lagos Fashion & Design Week and subsequently on the interwebs.

I recall her putting her dainty frame to such ambitious use that I subconsciously started looking forward to her appearance on the runway. She and another lovely lady called Uju Marshall. They both stirred up that particular brand of approving attention a dress-maker aspires to achieve at fashion shows.

What I'm really tryna say is she's cute and can wear the heck out of an outfit.

And Derin. Derin from Isale Eko. For non-Lagosians, Isale Eko literally means "Downtown Lagos". She runs a lifestyle BLOG where she dispenses cute outfit ideas accompanied by musings fluffed with quirk and wit.

What I'm really tryna say is I like her blog for her relatable style choices and you really should check it out when you have a moment. 

Enough said. 


This photo shouldn't have made the cut. I don't know why my flash decided to show up in what was a suitably sunny day. But they liked it. So here it is :)


  1. The converse and the dress are everything. Cool photos including the one that wasn't supposed to make the cut 😊

  2. Derin is bae. Love her

  3. Awwww totally love this. Really lovely looking ladies. Like I've said before, your pictures make me miss home so badly. Please keep them coming.