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First things first, Back & Forth by Aaliyah. What. A. Jam.

However this post isn't about music.
The reference to the song is in tribute to the timing randomness of when I shoot a photo versus when I post. 

You must forgive this attribute of mine, I've apologized before but every time I find myself posting without organization, I can almost see my military Dad's disapproving look. He's been gone for several years but clearly, his regimented teachings live on. 

Truth be told, does anybody really care about my photo organization (or lack of)?
More pressing issues on God's green earth. 

Going through SD cards and folders is what I do when I'm totally lacking motivation. Today, my motivation factor was minus 10 trillion so here I am. 
Looking through old (ish) photos and realizing I haven't posted a few lot from the last 6 months or so.

This was from LFDW 2015.

He has Cookie Monster on his tee-shirt.

Smile already. You know you want to :)


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  1. Haha! This top is giving me life. I want a big bird top too