Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




Writing this post on a whim.

In case someone reading this is wondering what to do in Lagos.

Have you heard of the GET Arena? It's an entertainment and activity establishment mostly known for its go-karting experience. 

Being that we lived in the UK for several years, there was never a dearth of things to do on a weekend or even when we felt like a random flight of fancy on a weekday. 
Lagos however, has been said to be guilty of not having enough to do.

We're trying to discover the city's spots so we went off to GET.
 I don't have many pictures but I'll show you what I have.

We played air/table hockey (the big son and I) and he went racing on the karts (not for my old bones, sorry). After that we had a meal. 

Can I be controversial and say GET Arena has about the best burger so far in Lagos? 
Or was I just on a lucky streak?
I don't know but trust me that burger gave me pleasant dreams!

Check the place out, if you can. 
It makes for a decent family fun day.
But be sure to wear heat resistant clothing.
Entry is free and games are reasonably priced at about N200 per pop, except for the go-karts which are N2,500 for kids and N3,000 for grown-ups. 
Now, unless I get a Formula-One qualification afterwards, then no. I'm not keen. But I'm happy enough to let the kids be kids and enjoy it!


The big son, he's only 10 but thinks he might be ready to take on the big wheels. Not on my watch, kid...not on my watch.

I know I mentioned their burgers in the post but I only managed to get a decent photo of their club sandwiches. These aren't bad really, but honestly...the bread could have been fresher.

Across from the club sandwich is a chicken sandwich. The chicken was excellently spiced. Quite a sizeable portion too.


  1. Olivia not Pope1 May 2016 at 09:46

    Best burger my foot! Don't even go there until you try the burger at Casper & Gambini's. Their burgers are perfection!

  2. I was there last Christmas with family. Nice place but not that much to do