Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




I'm always pleased to photograph this good pal of mine.

She understands effortless style.

C'est JoJo.



I'm a big, HUGE fan of Brymo's music.

I'm currently listening to his latest album called...erm...Klitoris...I know...but what can we say? The minds of these artists are beyond the understanding of the average being.

One of the songs is called "Something Good Is Happening".

In the current poor state of the nation, this song makes me want to believe that the government in power has a grand scheme which we will all benefit from in due course.

Just let this "due course" be real soon, preferably NOW.

Something good better be happening!

In the meantime, Imma keep smiling and hoping I see pleasant faces like this that remind me of the resilience we have as a people.





I've been asked what I look for when street style hunting.

It's a bit difficult to explain, but one thing I know for sure is I don't go looking for labels or the overly flamboyant dressers. When you're too obvious, you're obvious.

I know for sure that I'm looking for individual expression and not sheep-like follow follow dressing. I'm definitely drawn to subtle style, and if it comes with a sparkle in the eyes, then hello there!




Cowgirl-esque styling for the win.

Have a fabulous Friday good people.



Black people are getting "woke".

There's a wave of consciousness of the beauty of our black skin and everything within.

Go to Instagram and you'll find several accounts dedicated to adoration of the beauty of black skin. There's Melanin Monday, there's Melanin.Art, Melanin Queens Only, Melanin Thing, Melanin Feed, Make Up For Melanin Girls, and the list goes on.

There was a time when our dark skin was not so celebrated; when the darker you were, the more likely you were to get the short end of the stick at school, at work, at life really.

And here we are all our melanin glory.

Black and proud.

And I love it.

But I also love the skin on those with an absence of melanin. Those with varying levels of albinism.

I won't pretend I'm not aware of the silly stigma surrounding albinos. 
I was sad to read a report of a study conducted in Nigeria on albino children by the South Africa Medical Journal, which stated that "they experienced alienation, avoided social interactions and were less emotionally stable. Furthermore, affected individuals were less likely to complete schooling, find employment, and find partners".

I don't understand why there are no Instagram accounts celebrating the unique beauty of albinos (I checked, not one exists). I don't understand the social and cultural challenges they have to face in Africa. 
Makes no sense. 

To be honest, melanin or the lack thereof, should not define anyone's beauty, status or opportunities. 

Let's cut the long story short.

This lovely lady intrigued me. Carriage like she could own the darn world.

And she could.



The general Friday feeling... 

Rounding up at work and a lot of people around me are (naturally) excited for the weekend...

While they discuss attendance at one of the ubiquitous weekend parties that Lagosians are known for, I'm smiling like a Cheshire cat at the grand thought of my long lie in on Saturday morning...

Either way, Friday is my hero.

Cheers :)



This was by far the outfit that stood out to me the most at the GTBank Food Drink Fair.

So much individuality and the perfect mix of vintage and urban chic.




Good looking couples live here.




God bless the breeze and the moments of respite it gives us. 

It's worth standing still for.

I had moments like this last weekend.

When I stood in appreciation...with the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair.

Just like her.



In my sojourn as a street style photographer, 99% of the time, I meet amazing people who make it such a breeze to do what I do.

The other 1% are sometimes so unpleasant, they've made me consider laying down my arms. Last weekend I bumped into a social-media familiar face. Let's call her Bukky K-W.

Her style was interesting enough to make me smile at her and gesture that I'd like to take a few shots.

Now, make no mistake. I am completely understanding of those who'd rather not be photographed. It's not the easiest thing to permit a complete stranger to invade your imagery space. 


The rudeness displayed by Ms. Bukky K-W was unwarranted. 
Hand in my face with an expression like stone. Sigh...
Like my fellow Nigerians say..."Sista bhet why?"
A simple "Please don't take my photo" and I'd have stood down. 
Aborted mission. 
Moved on.

Enough of that.

I've met them all, the good, the bad and the downright beautiful.

Let's focus on the good and my style subject who's easily at the top of the 99% pleasant people I've had the honor of photographing.




I've seen this quote somewhere:

"Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful."

The latter part of the statement applies to my style subject. 
She's the Lead Mentor of one of my new favorite shows to watch: 
Red TV's Interiors By Design

It's a show with a "reality" concept that focuses on budding interior designers...the aim is to find the next big thing in terms of decor and design.

I was skeptical at first (death by reality shows is very real) but I watched the first episode and was hooked. I don't know if it's the production quality or the refreshingly actual "realness" or a hybrid, but I just know you need to watch this show.

Even if you're not keen on the subject matter of interior design, you will find it entertaining at the very least.

An added bonus is you get to have several sightings of this beauty who's the Lead Mentor, an innovative and professional designer and a vision of personal style.

Am I fawning? No.

Check out the show HERE and let me know your thoughts.




I know I've harped a whole lot about the heat but this temperatures have taken over my thinking faculties.

I'm all for outfits like these that give at least a cold shoulder to combat the heat wave.

How's everyone else coping?



What would coverage of a Food and Drink Fair be without some photos of the very people who made our taste buds liven up?

Meet two of the Chefs.

Showed this photo to a friend of mine and she said:
"I'll have whatever they're cooking!"

Haha! Typical.


This sweet little Lagosian.

Very cooperative with my snap happy ways, even if the heat was a scorcher.

Good lad.

Cute lad.




I like the fact that these new initiatives are coming up all over Lagos...Shopping Parties, Kayaking, Pop Beach Parties, Food & Drink Fairs, Picnickers Anonymous's all making the city all that much more bearable.

So this May Day weekend, Guaranty Trust Bank was kind enough to sponsor a Food & Drink Fair. 

I figured Lagosians would turn up in "Festival" style, and I wasn't wrong.

By the way, I had my very first uber experience in Lagos today. The excellence drove me crazy...see what I did there?

Back to street style.

And it's the lovely Adenike, remember her? My hostess from the time I spent at Milan Fashion Week? She's moved back and I'm expectant...waiting for the big things she's sure to impress us with.

Her approach to fashion is deliciously relevant.




I was at the GTBank Food Drink Fair today.

The vibe was cool.

The weather was hot.


I met Jenevieve. She's a photographer and a general creative.

What a beaut.