Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




I like the fact that these new initiatives are coming up all over Lagos...Shopping Parties, Kayaking, Pop Beach Parties, Food & Drink Fairs, Picnickers Anonymous's all making the city all that much more bearable.

So this May Day weekend, Guaranty Trust Bank was kind enough to sponsor a Food & Drink Fair. 

I figured Lagosians would turn up in "Festival" style, and I wasn't wrong.

By the way, I had my very first uber experience in Lagos today. The excellence drove me crazy...see what I did there?

Back to street style.

And it's the lovely Adenike, remember her? My hostess from the time I spent at Milan Fashion Week? She's moved back and I'm expectant...waiting for the big things she's sure to impress us with.

Her approach to fashion is deliciously relevant.



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  1. Lovely pics. Now I wish I was there. I was worried it would be boring. Was there free food?