As you may have noticed, I'm completely passionate about #BuyNigerian and when I find buzz worthy brands flying the flag for home-made, qualitative and affordable goods (or services even), I will sound the alarm.

Ordered this dress off a photo I saw on the Twenty-Six website and when it came, I was not disappointed. 

Cute packaging (Caveat: it didn't come with the Teddy...that was simply where I dropped the parcel after it arrived, and I thought to leave it as a backdrop) and a pretty on-trend dress, all for N4,500!

That's $13 in today's money.

The exchange rate being what it is, the Nigerian economy not being what it's supposed to be, please tell me in not less than 250 words on A4 paper why you wouldn't go on and get yourself this dress. 

This isn't a sponsored post by the way...because when I love a thing, I love a thing.

Feel free to support the #BuyNigerian movement and order HERE and I hope you like it as much as I do.



  1. Just love this dress. I could see myself rocking this. Any other colors?

  2. Beautiful dress and the price is just okay. It's not that cheap to be honest but not very expensive. Either way it's a flattering dress in you.