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Well Daniel Wellington, the watchmaker, did a lovely thing and sent me a watch.

I can't imagine what I did to deserve such a gesture but all I can say is THANK YOU Dan (I mean it makes sense for us to be on first name basis since you're sending me gifts?)

I received the watch and firstly the packaging was smile worthy, you know the type of box that lets you know it's  going to be delightful on the inside. And I was not wrong.

Best part is, DW  is giving my followers (they cater to ladies and gents by the way) 15% off their purchases using the discount code "lagosDW" at check out. Code lasts till 30th July 2016 so hurry off and click to grab a swanky watch like mine.

Thank you again Danny ;)

Photos below.




  1. This is nice. I'm used to seeing the leather straps but the fun color strap is more my thing.

    PS: didn't realize you were female all this while till I saw the watch and knew there's no way a guy would rock that. Haha!