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At the Mente de Moda event, I didn't intend to buy any nibbles or drinks. I had a robust plate of iyan and okra soup waiting for me at home really, so I'd pre-decided to keep the tummy empty.

That was until this lovely lady walked up to me and asked in the most endearing manner, if we would like to buy some drinks from her Tiki bar. She sweetly explained the ingredients used and how the drinks infuse into each other to create exotic tastes.

Now listen, I bought a drink. How could I not?
Her approach was refreshing and a far cry from the sometimes overly apathetic way vendors at these fairs tend to act toward potential customers. 

This lady knows a thing or two about effective marketing, because in the short time I was at her stall, she gave off the same vibe to others because they flocked. And  happily bought. And happily drank. Everybody wins.

I chose palm wine. Yup. It's been a while.

And while she served it, I took a photo. 



  1. She's so perfect! Gosh that face!

  2. Thanks for the lovely post.

    Go team Shackz Shack, our aim is not be to aggressive but to share our passion for a great drinking experience with everyone.

  3. Cute. Thought it was Tiwa Savage for a second. Yes to effective marketing. Nigerians have a long way to go in that department.

  4. Thanks for the amazing post.

    Our aim and strategy is not to be aggressive, but to be friendly and approach people by sharing with them our passion for what we offer, a fun cultural experience.