Documenting the style-scape of Lagos, Nigeria




This was me, February this year, testing the equipment before heading out to Soho shoot some London Fashion Week street style. Milan Fashion Week came a few days after, and then London Fashion Weekend. 

All of this was absolutely fascinating and a great opportunity to meet and chat with some inspiring fashion/photography influencers like Scott Schuman (of which I had a photo with him taken by Super Ko!), Chiara Ferragni The Adenike, Adam Kintz, Deji, David Nyazi, Luisa (mom of the most remarkably stylish boy, Alonso Mateo), Margaret Zhang etc. 

However, as the September fashion season drew nearer and I was considering making plans to once again join this impressive line up of fashion powerhouses, I stopped myself and googled the line up of Fashion Weeks going on in the motherland. Well, well, well, turns out that while I was asleep, countries like Kenya, Uganda, Congo, South Africa, Ghana etc were organizing their very own Fashion Weeks! Now why wasn't I paying attention? If we as Africans don't attend/promote our efforts, then who will? 

I have no reservations regarding attending the Big 4 (New York, London, Milan & Paris) Fashion Weeks, but I'd like to see some of them come down here and check us out TOO. 

No doubt we are self sufficient to a large extent, however as this "global village" world of ours is increasingly becoming a global hut with everyone being your virtual neighbor just one click away, it'll be good to see some New Yorkers come click us out in Nairobi or a Parisienne click us out in Kampala. 

To this end, I will be starting my hunting and gathering of African street style from Fashion Weeks around the continent. 

Now, let's not get too know I'm still a full time lawyer with a full family life so that wanderlust might get reined in from time to time, but the good news is I'm off to Ghana in 2 days for Ghana Fashion & Design Week! 

This excites me. And there will be photos. Be prepared. 

Africa. So worthy. 



  1. Whoa! Cannot wait too. I love African fashion and it deserves its place on the friggin map

  2. Awesome!! I meant to go to Ghana as well but as they say, "water pass garri". Have the most fun! Looking forward to seeing your work!