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I'm breaking (ir)regular schedule of LFDW photo broadcast to bring you the photos from the Andrea Iyamah SS17 Swimwear showcase I was invited to yesterday.

Even though I was fresh off a flight from Bulgaria, the fact that it was a collection by a genuinely good natured person (yes I have a bias towards the few good seeds left on earth) and that it was in collaboration with my new friends at Belvedere Nigeria, meant I had to shake off whatever jet lag I was feeling and show up.

Now, the event was nice and the swim suits were absolutely divine and of course the cocktails were fantastic BUT the "Lagos cool crowd"... what can I say about you beautiful lot? I look forward to the day you turn up at an event and simply relax as against trying to decidedly appear "upper class" and unfortunately being transparently clumsy at it.

It's an interesting study in social studies to watch the actions and reactions of this crowd I tell you.

Know this. 
There are fewer things more beautiful than witnessing a person living free in warm and happy accommodation of the gift that is being alive.
Do it my people.
It won't hurt.

But let's see the gorgeousness of Andrea Iyamah swim wear.

Street style photos coming up next.

This is what you came for... :)

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