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๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ŠI recall when the U.K. adopted into the typical American culture of frenzied "Black Friday" sales/shopping.

I  still lived in Scotland at the time and I was amused by the way commercialization possessed the power to sway even the most traditional of countries into adopting foreign concepts.

Imagine my further amusement at moving back home to Nigeria and finding huge pop up banners across Lagos, also touting magic reductions tagged as Black Friday?

What? When? I mean...what?


However...I only wish most retailers around these parts would walk the real price slash walk instead of just talking the talk.

To be fair there are some genuine deals going here and there but what do you do when you see an item labelled as "formerly N5,000, now N4,950!"?

My 10year old finds these pseudo price slashes hilarious. I'm not sure what to find it.

In law, we say "equity looks to the intent, rather than the form", so my dear Nigerian retailers, before you adopt the "Black Friday" form, please help consumers by checking that your intent qualifies accordingly.
Don't get us all excited during the build up and then disappointed when the time shows up - the highs and the lows do not augur well for the emotional stability of dedicated shoppers. 

Anyway, on this Black Friday, be visually pleased by this lovely lady in this embellised black dress who incidentally describes herself as The Black Rose on Instagram.

Wherever you are today...I wish you a happy (and responsible) shopping day.

Cheers dears. 

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  1. LMAO at 50bucks price slash. Trickery! Her dress is bae and looks fabulous with the white shades.