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Is it an oddity to begin with a summation?

I'll be frank about my experience taking street style photos at'll serve almost as a comparative analysis if you like...and to be honest I'm never keen on comparison because I like to believe every person/thing has their rightful sparkle and their individual quirks.


I can't help myself in this instance...there has to be a bit of a this vs. that in relation to the recently concluded Lagos Fashion & Design Week.

First off, the vast space that allowed me to take candids without interference was amazing! GTBank well done on choosing the Landmark Arena. The Federal Palace was nice but I'm sure I exchanged sweaty bumps with at least 55 other photographers. No. Not pleasant.
2ndly, the atmosphere was fabulously relaxed. People didn't seem frantic about wanting to seem frantic. The pace was eeeeeeasy.
Third noticeable point was the feeling of genuine inclusion, regardless of who you are or who you know. I'm guessing this may be attributed to the event being organized by a bank. Banks thrive on inclusion. Come all. And bring some funds. We'll bank it. Simple. Nothing bourgeois. And it worked.
Lastly, and certainly not least, the style of the attendees was unwavering in its authenticity. The people were there to be organic. No prevalent self imposition of the current season's best of local and international labels. None of that. 
It was tastefully earthy.
We all came as we are. As we do.

Summation done.

Let's see the photos. 

And I'm starting with my favorite personal style bloggers who know a thing or two about earthy.

The Adenike. Ronke Raji.



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  1. I love your honesty, I think LFDW is too overrated. You are honestly the best at street style photography I'm not trying to butter you up its the truth you treat everyone like they are all stars and that's really amazing.. m. ❤