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I'm currently in Johannesburg for the holidays. Spending quality time with family for some much needed R&R...and in my books R&R is never complete without a ridiculous amount of foooood.

So we went to Nando's. Lord knows I've missed Nando' used to be the high street spot we Africans (and several of my Asian pals too) would go to for that extra spicy food that can be deemed closest to "home" cooking.

My tummy is at this moment very happy, and love handles are showing up...sigh.

And then I bumped into this gorgeous being. She had pretty much the same order as I. Difference was no love handles.

I took her photo, had a chat with her and now I know why she's got her bod so right.

She's on Instagram as @mysweatlife_za as a wellness enthusiast. 
Her motto being "health and fitness over everything".

That'll be me.

After the holidays ;) 

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