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I've said it before and I'll say it again:

I will never understand the flack Valentine's Day receives from the cynical public!

"It's too commercial!"
"It's a capitalist creation intended to once again deprive us of our hard earned income!"
"I love my girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife everyday, why should I succumb to societal pressure to show her on a particular day I didn't choose?"
Et ce tera.


Unless you exhibit the very same level of disdain for Fathers' Day, Mothers' Day, Children's Day, Christmas Day, heck even Independence Day, then NO, you have absolutely NO justification to particularly decide that Vals' Day is not worth the buzz it creates.

I mean, if you're okay to spend that little time and effort in showing Mom and Dad (although you show them every other day) how special they are, or if you go for a special Christmas church service to celebrate the significance of the birth of Jesus (although His significance is known and appreciated by you every single day), then please...STOP fighting the cause that is simply a day set aside to do a lil' som'n extra to show love to your special "other half".

Allow St. Valentine's Day to flourish.

C'mon go on and show that love.

Or live and let love.

Cheers to this beautiful shirt on Omowunmi, by Omowunmi.

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