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This past long weekend was just 500 kinds of necessary. Come rain or shine (and there were copious amounts of both), the 3 day weekend will always be one of the loves of my life.

PS: My boss had a moan today about the holiday being too long. Says he "slept too much".


Anyway, here's a review on a product I recently fell in love with.

I'm honest with reviews.

You should know.

I'm a loud ambassador for the Buy Nigerian movement.

You should also know.

Clearly, this is not my typical style post but one must make an exception when one must make an exception.
When I first heard of these linen fragrances, I was keen to know more. Firstly because I've only ever been aware of the Fabreeze brand and secondly because they're by a purely Nigerian brand.

I got them. And I used them on my bed linen. And I wish I could invite you to sniff my bed. But that's a very strange request. So I'm just going to ask you, no, implore you, to try these out. For they are the most lovely things to hit your olfactory nerves.

The steel dog is what I use to let my kids know when something's in the DO NOT TOUCH category.
I'm irrationally petrified of real dogs.

Check out BeddingsNBeyond on Instagram and allow yourself to indulge in buying these fragrances. 
I suspect they'll instantly make you happy.
This. Is. Not. A. Sponsored. Post.

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  1. Hahaha! I found this funny and personable. I'm sceptical about Nigerian perfumes or air fresheners so I don't know about this, but I may try it. You forgot to mention price.