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How do I even begin to describe the culinary and visual experience that is Shiro Lagos?

You see, my sister gurrl Ada Oguntodu of No Ordinary She (If you're not following her on Instagram, can I just ask why you're so unruly?) came round to Lagos from Aberdeen. Gotta show my girl a good time, right?

I'd previously had dinner twice at Shiro and completely loved the experience and when the Manager said they'd be happy to host Ada and I to a dinner, I never quite expected the stellar treatment we got.

Dear Lord, the mocktails! There were 8 of them; some with the obligatory sexy names like Velvet KimonoYamaGuchi Sunset, Secret Garden and Forbidden Nekton, and there were the ones more traditionally named i.e. Virgin Mojito, Orange & Mint Virgin Mojito, Apple Cinnamon Yortini and Espresso Martini. Let me tell you, although my fave was the Apple Cinnamon Yortini, there was none of them that didn't taste ah-may-zing!
I'm not an alcohol drinker but I can bet my September salary, and maybe even throw in October's for good measure, that their cocktails will be of the mind-blowing variety.

The food.

In the middle of all of this great ambience and poshly served mocktails, was some pretty stomach gratifying food. Aesthetics of food are really important to me when dining out that is. At home, my plate can be a literal hot mess but when I'm out, no, give me visual perfection so my taste buds are already seduced before the food hits.

Shiro delivers. Every darn plate. Every darn time.

Chef Priyank (Shiro's excellent head chef who sat with us for 2 hours regaling us with his engaging culinary journeys through 60 countries! Yes you saw 60. And yes I am envious too!) made sure we got a proper celebration of the best Asian food has to offer. But wait. How does Suya Sushi sound to you? He did that! I'm on the fence with the Suya Sushi...I'm guessing the unfamiliarity of the fusion was a little hard on me. Perhaps with time...

The deserts.

I was sure I wouldn't have space because Chef Priyank fed us in very generous porportions BUT came the desert tray and I shamelessly dug in. I mean how could I not? The photo below may explain.

The décor. love it. To you who thinks the "graven images" have spiritual connotations, I understand your reservations but can we just live a little and understand that cultures differ and to each his own symbol? I personally felt the representation was important to the Shiro brand and therefore the mix of wood and stone and water fountains and all fittings and trimmings showed artistry. Let's not forget you can have your drinks, meal or both outside with a separate dining area sitting pretty much on the banks of their private beach.

Altogether, my experience at Shiro was nothing short of FANTASTIC.

Would I go again?

Redundant question because I already have. Gone again, that is.

You should too.

Thank you Shiro!

Enjoy the photos.


  1. Love this summary. You're funny. I want to have lunch or dinner at Shiro so bad now. How do you eat sushi? I can't understand raw food.
    Everything else looks really good.

  2. You didn't give us any idea of what the prices are.

  3. So this is you. Good to see you are no more undercover.
    I love Shiro's décor, I don't know why some people worry over the statues. Just eat and go.