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There's an event called GidiFest holding in Lagos this Good Friday.

It's a fusion of music, art and style...I've been told to expect retro fashion, body art, vintage cool, hair braiding and that regular AfroPunk vibe...

It's the 5th edition but I've somehow managed to not know about it till recently.

If you follow my Instagram account @lagos_streetstyle, you'd know there's a giveaway coming up.

What to wear for GidiFest?...Well that's what the giveaway is about.

Go have a look see.

In the interim, here are some no-fail ideas for your festi-fashion.

See you there?




"Social media is a curse!"

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that said...

I have viewed a sufficient number of articles that lean harder on the side of the "curse" debate, but I will always opine that social media (as with everything else in life) is what you make of it.

The tendency for it to be overused, abused and even destructive cannot be overemphasized BUT I look at the boon too, not just the bane.

I met Amin "Everything Na Art" in 2017 via social media and without exaggeration, I can honestly say my life has been enriched for it.

She, along with her beautiful phenomenon of a son, aptly named Ayo {which means "Joy" in Yoruba language} came into my life and I tell you, they unintentionally fractured all that was mundane.

Now she's started this web log which curates her experiences, ideas, personal style, spirituality, music, travel stops, social media tips, interior d├ęcor and general life hacks.

If you enjoy a good read, vibrant color bursts, enthusiasm and the clever craft of living your genuine best life, go on and have a nosey on her blog HERE.

This first photo is where I captured her, capturing profiles of random strangers, as art, wearing Manolos, while at a block party in Lagos, as you do...

Love you Amin!