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I've posted these photos before, possibly even 2 years ago, however there's a need to repost.

In the spirit of the current election season in Nigeria, the lovely lady in this photo recently shared some political views on her Instagram page.

Like me, she's a lawyer.

Like me, she's not politically apathetic.

Like me, she has opinions.

Opinions she made with reference to popular Nigerian singer Davido and his own political choices.

Side bar: It's a constant wonder to me how and why a lot of Nigerian (African?) men think the first and best response to any disagreement with a female is to derogatively address her body parts.

Mr. Davido's response was of this particular brand - completely digressing from the topic at hand and taking unnecessary and in fact untrue jabs at her body (I mean, let's be honest she's gorgeous!).

I wish sound argument could simply be met with sound argument.

Stop this ridiculous body shaming.

It's untenable. 

Men folk. Please. Stop.

In any case, if you were interested in knowing more about her life, when she's not lawyering, you can find her You Tube channel HERE.

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